The perfect riveting technology, a reliable partner!Can be riveting multi-layer sheet group, low energy consumption, riveting process cycle is short

  • Welcome to Junli Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Jingjiang City Junli Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializing in the production of various types of self-piercing rivets and self-piercing riveting machines to "strengthen the process management, is committed to continuous improvement, the pursuit of high quality, manufacturing quality products to meet customer needs, To achieve zero defect products "for the purpose, and constantly expand the scale of production, with the Hefei University of Industrial and Research Institute for the whole, the company has a number of patented technologies, and advanced research and development capabilities.
    We are a pioneer in the self-piercing riveting and market leader, we are committed to promoting a new level of self-locking technology boundaries, our philosophy of "innovation is not an imitator"
    We welcome the opportunity to create a customized solution for you based on yours.

Our value

  • Step 1 Planning certification

    According to customer needs, provide solutions, in accordance with the program to determine the 3D demonstration

  • Step 2 Research development

    Based on the test to find the best configuration for customer-specific professional development, to meet customer special needs

  • Step 3 Installation debugging

    Assembly, commissioning, trial production is to ensure the basis for good operation of the system.

  • Step 4 quality assurance

    Meet the international quality standard management system of products is your guarantee of trust

Why would choose us, I'll tell you our advantages

  • Can be connected to a lot of dissimilar materials of the plate: steel, aluminum and plastic plate;
  • Can be riveted multi-layer sheet group;
  • No heat effect - can be used for coating or coating plate connection without damage to the coating layer, and no other damage;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Riveting process cycle is short;
  • Environment-friendly process, riveting no heat, smoke, steam, sparks, dust or debris, etc.;
  • Riveting quality and sustained stability, high repeatability;
  • The quality of riveting joints can be checked visually;
  • Can be used in combination with adhesive technology;
  • The automatic feeding system ensures continuous production.

Professional knowledge to provide you with
professional value

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